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VISA Process

VISA process is self explanatory, you go to embassy with relevant documents, visa application from and fee, submit your application, wait for decision and done. However, process may not be as hard as you think, or may not be as easy as you guess.  There are some rules that you need to follow in order to have VISA. Most important rules are to be honest and make your future vision clear. Consular wants to know your future plan before he/she grant you VISA. So be very clear about your plan and objective. Will you return back to Nepal after your study is second important point to note. You need to convince consular that you have strong tie with Nepal, this can be prove if you have your wife or children in Nepal, if you have property in Nepal, if you have job guarantee in Nepal or if you have business in Nepal.  Third and most important point is to have enough funding for your education. If you are prepared for these rules, you are likely to have VISA. Please be confident before you apply for VISA. Confident always make you win. More research on your course and colleges and better future planning may make you confident enough to win. We recommend students to find out about:

Life in the UK

Fact of college you enrolling

UK Immigration rules

Stories from experienced etc

We strongly recommend students to visit Students Chautari for live interaction with other experienced students in order to find out more information.  



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